The RetailMeNot Everyday website (RedPlum) is a great idea if you want to start your own online business. Having a coupon website will benefit you if all the tools are installed for its proper functioning ... everyone likes to take advantage of good deals and save money, which makes the idea of ​​online discount coupons very interesting.

The concept is very simple: it takes companies to publish their discount coupons on your website (which you charge), a targeted promotion on the site (depending on the area) that will attract potential customers to use the available coupons. You connect the various sellers or service providers to customers ... You earn money for each consumption!

For this type of business, it is imperative to have knowledge in digital marketing. It is necessary to use all the means which are accessible to the general public to make known your brand (website), and for that, it is necessary:
• The use of social networks: a great sharing via google +, LinkedIn, facebook or twitter
• Newsletter or e-mail: this is a way to share updates via e-mails
• Remarketing: this strategy aims to revive customers who visit your site
• Multilingual support: depending on your objective, you can target more companies and regions.

How to create a website like ReatailMeNot Everyday?

To create a coupon website like RetailMeNot Everyday (RedPlum), you should know that WordPress remains among the best solutions for this. But before that, it is essential to do multiple research to analyze your market, and ask yourself the right questions. You should know that the number of niche coupon sites or general multilevel coupons has been increasing in recent years, which makes good prior analysis even more essential.

Your project requires a simple, modern structure and explicit coupons indicating the reduction for various services and products. To start, you must:

1- A domain name that suits you
The domain name is the most interesting part. It is a brand that will follow you and present you, so no precipitation! Start with a search for all the words or phrases that relate to your business idea, and take only what is available (it's important).
2- Professional web hosting
Web hosting is an essential step, allowing you to load your website on the internet. It is a space that you will rent from a company dedicated to this. Several types of accommodation are available on the web, you choose the option that best suits you.
3- Create the website with WordPress

WordPress is the best solution for creating a website like RetailMeNot Everyday (RedPlum). This solution has an incalculable number of Plugins and a large choice of themes, in this case the WPcoupony, created for this kind of specific website.

You can make your website evolve according to your desires, thanks in particular to a large community of creators, developers and bloggers who form interesting forums for mutual aid dedicated to CMS. This platform offers many resources, with the possibility of modification or customization as you wish.

WordPress is an easy and interesting CMS, a sure bet. It is very quick to install with an interface that combines clarity and ergonomics, which makes it easy for employees to make basic modifications.

Aside from the fact that WordPress is considered to be the simplest, most complete and versatile solution for creating coupon websites, this remains your best option in terms of SEO.

4- Choose the WPCoupony theme

The theme is the touch that will make the difference ... don't waste your time, we have the solution for you: WPcoupony. This theme has been designed to provide you with everything you need to create a website and offer coupon codes to your visitors.

The theme is completely responsive, adapting to all screen sizes, customizable and has features that will allow you to get started in your sales activity quickly.

By choosing your theme, you will have access to an interesting payment system (income + invoice to users the list of coupons on your site), absolute control over what is going on with in particular a coupon submission form, choose between several types of coupons (coupon code, online offer or printable coupon), display your entire list of stores and categories to optimize your results and you can also hide the promo code (click on the link affiliation) ...

Also, you benefit from an evaluation system (an intelligent rating system) and a static system that allows you to display the most popular coupons.

Do not hesitate to play on your communication strategy, including emails sent to users. Social networks play a considerable role, which will allow you to make yourself known more quickly ... "share" and "like" buttons are important!

With this WP theme, users can have an unlimited number of coupon stores, with no limit on coupons.

Your coupon code website will be unique, simple and modern above all. You can modify and personalize it at any time. For this, you have the possibility to choose between 8 predefined color sets, Unlimited colors, Wide / boxed layout, Coupon list settings ... and many other options. It is very easy to manage your web project, thanks to an easy administration and an interesting advertising medium.

Your coupon website will be completely responsive. You also get all the updates for free, allowing you to access more features or continuous improvement to increase your income.

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