Groupon is an American multinational launched in 2008. Its business is focused on group purchasing, allowing users to take advantage of time-limited coupon codes and companies to launch daily transactions.

The concept is simple. Groupon acts as an intermediary between sellers or service providers and potential customers. The group purchasing site allows you to find everything at reduced prices. Seeing scrolling through the promo codes is an opportunity for all buyers who are now looking for an effective way where they can find everything and thus buy it, taking advantage of the great deals there.

It is a daily trading website that attracts visitors every day. The concept of daily coupon offer offers not only a high conversion rate but also a good relationship between retailers and customers, it helps build relationships of trust.

The site generates income through a trading system that links sellers with consumers. Sellers or service providers offer various products and services at attractive prices, and for each transaction the site obtains a commission negotiated beforehand.

Is it possible to follow the same principle as Groupon?

This kind of coupon website is based on interesting and especially attractive offers! The number of these sites continues to increase, but to get started it is just necessary to use the right tools that allow you to differentiate yourself.

Your site must have motivation for visitors to invest, including a discount on a purchase of a specific amount. Discounts for new customers (it helps to feel privileged), sponsorship discounts and impressive offers will make your site an unforgettable brand!

Do not neglect all the marketing techniques that can help you, such as sharing on social networks (facebook, twitter, instagram, ...), subscribing to the newsletter / email so that any new offer or update either sent to potential customers and an email reminding them to abandon the cart.

Try to have a platform with multilingual support, which will help you attract any seller or consumer. Without forgetting the importance of a good Remarketing strategy, allowing you to revive customers who have already visited your platform.

What is the best way to build a site like Groupon

You notice that the Groupon site has all the functionalities useful for this kind of business (discounts in coupon codes, rewards, cart abandonment, ...). To create a similar site, it is essential to go through the choice of domain name, web hosting and website design.


The domain name is simply your brand image. Above all, you need to do a thorough search for the different expressions relating to your business, to avoid any similarity with other sites.

You only have to choose an available domain name, while focusing on two essential points: easy to remember and simple to type, so that customers remember your name and thus return to your platform. In this way, you benefit from customer feedback and free advertising, as is the case for a physical business.

Once the domain name is well chosen, it is important to be hosted for the smooth running of your website. It is a dedicated space that you rent from a hosting company.

WordPress is the best solution for creating a good coupon code website. A group purchasing site is easy to achieve thanks in particular to all the free Worpress functionalities.

It is a reliable, free and simple to use solution. You will not need to call in professionals. You should know that many experts have looked into it and created simple and easy to use platforms, you only have to use simple interfaces and drag and drop menus to create your site, no need to coding performance.

You can be part of a large community of bloggers who always share useful tips and tutorials online whatever the subject.

You have to look at the wordpress theme ... today we offer a complete theme, which allows you to get a coupon website with all the features you need. Understand that the theme will radically change the look of your website with its own features, it is a way to differentiate yourself from other sites in the market.


The wordpress theme gives you the possibility of designing a site responsive to all mobile platforms, tablets, pc, ...

It offers the possibility to copy the promo code with one click from users, to hide the promo code to push users to open the affiliate link to reveal it, to import coupons via CSV files, to choose from styles of coupon templates, add coupon images (printable and usable offline) and benefit from a direct preview of coupons during the design of your site.

Use an expiration countdown, which sparks more buying interest, and feel free to hide expired coupons instead of updating them.

Other useful features: sharing via social networks and the "like" button to express appreciation.

You have the right to personalization according to your needs. The display options allow you to activate an archive template (a 3-column layout (default), a list view, a compact list view or a minimal list view), a modification in the page width and padding and at the coupon / URL slug level. It is possible to use a shortcode to print your coupons, if you face a problem with the archive model.

The chosen style can contain the colors you want at the level of the different attributes. Several features are found in this theme specially to allow you to get a high conversion rate.

That's not all, the developer team is committed to constantly improving its product, allowing you to take advantage of all the features that can be added to the wpcoupony theme, which is already designed to bring you everything you need in order to design your coupon discount website.

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