A platform like LivingSocial: Create your website by opting for WPCoupony

Living Social is an e-commerce platform that allows users to find coupons and day deals. It's the best place to find and share unique things to do in your area, including surprising travel deals, products and services in cities around the world ... providing unforgettable local experiences, with diverse categories.

Living Social is purchased by Groupon, which has increased the chances of businesses connecting with more customers in the local community. The website remains a reference for users who wish to save money and take advantage of good deals in the region.

Interested in a website like Living Social?

Do you want to create your own group purchasing site? It's a great idea, since it's a profitable business ... but you need the technical tools necessary to create your website, as well as a step-by-step procedure that will lead you to the realization of your web project.

We must first understand the concept of group purchasing: consumers benefit from impressive offers, without compromising the quality of the service or products offered. A group of consumers come together to take advantage of a unique product, which works for buyers by taking advantage of the best offers and for traders who advertise their products / services launched in order to sell on the local or other market.

A coupon website will only be profitable if you can attract many customers, and for that you will need to pay close attention to the quality of the services and experience you offer. Do not rush and think carefully about its business model and plan the management of your group purchasing website which should offer your customers a rich and attractive experience to return again and again.

The daily transaction website generates revenue through daily transactions, and it can also offer companies subscriptions ... as it can also participate in brand affiliate programs.

Get your website with WordPress

WordPress is the best solution to create a site like living social. It is reliable, free and easy to use for everyone, no matter your coding or design knowledge. It is no longer recommended to hire a team of professionals to design a website. The number of coupon websites is constantly increasing ... but this remains e-commerce, which can be offered with WordPress perfectly.

With WordPress, you will have functional themes that allow users to create and publish offers and products online. It's fully customizable ... allowing you to have a simple and modern daily offers website like Groupon or LivingSocial.

Choose WPcoupony for your website development

WPcoupony is a breathtaking theme to accelerate your sales. It is designed to be user-friendly, simple to use, intuitive, easy to navigate, customizable and suitable for social media. For a unique experience for your users, the WPcoupony theme is a complete solution for generating coupons, daily offers and all exceptional discounts ... while benefiting from mass marketing.

The theme will allow you to get a referral website, which will link sellers to customers and create a relationship of trust that will give you more and more feedback to this robust platform.

WPcoupony has a payment system with income generated through affiliate links and the possibility of charging users the list of coupons on your website. Always have control! You can allow users to submit their coupons (submission form) before publication ... while benefiting from several types of coupons:
• Coupon code (online code, used during payment)
• Online offer (this takes the sales page)
• Printable coupon (in store).

To follow the most popular coupons, depending on the number of views, there is an interesting statistical system, in addition to the evaluation system which allows intelligent targeting with an intelligent rating system.

The theme has several more features. Affiliate links can dissuade your visitors from clicking on them, and for this they are automatically hidden (coupon and store affiliate links). To optimize your position on the search engine, you can display your entire list of stores and categories, thus allowing pleasant navigation.

Managing your coupon website is easy, thanks to easy administration. the theme also includes several advertising spots that allow you to easily make additional income ... you can also control your communication, with your own personalized email templates. You differentiate yourself with a simple, modern and unique design and you benefit from personalization as you wish from the administration area.

Other features: Single page coupons, Associated coupons, Modal Box coupon, Popular coupons, Coupons by category, Coupons by type, Coupons by location, Coupons by store, Featured coupons ... Advanced search, advanced coupon filter, storage of images, a dedicated blog ....

By opting for this complete theme, designed perfectly for this kind of specific website, you benefit from all the updates that may occur. The improvements will make you gain more collaborators, and thus increase your income.

Creating a website like Living Social may seem difficult, but you just need the right technical tools that will allow you to get your website easily, without wasting your time, to get started quickly.

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