Hip2Save is a coupon blog created since 2008, which has become a well-known platform over the years. It is a group buying site focused on coupons and good promotional plans, which links retailers to consumers.

For the creation of this kind of website, it takes strong online marketing skills in order to prosper over time. You should know that the more advertisers you have for your discount coupons, the more you will retain customers with your network. This creates a relationship of trust, which will allow you to achieve a high conversion rate and a secure return from customers.

Despite the "out of reach" aspect that such a website can give, we guarantee that it is entirely possible to create a site like that of hip2Save.

Steps to follow for the creation of the website

Having a website like Hip2Save is a great way to generate income through affiliations. Creation can be expensive if you have a team of developers, which you can do on your own at a low cost.

Hip2Save has an easy design that you can redo using WordPress. No need for coding performance, nor a big budget. You can opt for a pre-made version or customize as you see fit (colors, layouts, fonts, ...). You will always be in control of your design, introducing additional modules if you wish during the development of your site.

To create a site like Hip2Save, you have to follow its four modules:
• Domain name
• Web hosting
• Website creation with WordPress
• Installation of a wordpress theme dedicated to coupons

The domain name is a crucial step for the creation of your site. It is about your identity and your brand image. First of all, you have to start by looking for the words or expressions that really represent your activity and then check its availability.

It should be borne in mind that this domain name must be simple to remember and type, in order to facilitate memorization and thus guarantee a return of visitors, who can then advertise you for free.

Then, it is essential to go through a web hosting company in order to rent a mandatory space for the proper functioning of your website. There are various companies dedicated to this, just choose an offer that suits your needs.

Once you have paid for the domain name and web hosting, proceed to designing your site with WordPress. Reliable, free and simple to use, this solution will help you design the site you want quickly.

You can use simple and easy to apply platforms with simple interfaces and drag and drop menus to create your site, no need for coding performance. This solution allows you to be part of a large blogging community that always shares useful tips and tutorials online.

Choose the appropriate theme: WPCoupony.com

WPCOUPONY is a complete wordpress theme, which allows you to get a coupon website with all the features you need, clear and professional. Your site will be responsive by adapting to all screen sizes.

To get started in your business, it is necessary to offer an amazing site. The theme used will help you differentiate yourself and above all remain efficient in your operations, especially with a solid administration panel. Here are some features of the theme:

• Responsive, with an adaptive web design.
• Hide coupon codes: users must click on the affiliate link first
• Import coupons via CSV files, to save time
• Coupon template: choose from several styles of coupon templates
• Printable coupon images that can be used offline
• Supervise coupons during design
• Set a countdown to activate the "emergency" mode
• Promo code: hide expiring promo codes
• Sharing on social networks

Your site is expertly customizable, you control everything (colors, layout, layout ...). By using this theme, you will be able to generate income on referrals and also bill users for the list of coupons on your site.

Many features are also present:
• page templates (Archives, Contact, Full Page);
• custom widgets;
• several types of coupons: coupon code (online code, used when paying), online offer (this takes the sales page), printable coupon (in store).

You can browse all the benefits of this WP theme before you decide. The team will not hesitate to improve it further with additional features that you can take advantage of at any time. With features already ready to use, this theme offers you the opportunity to start your business very quickly ... What are you waiting for?

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