A coupon website is what you need. For this, the WPcoupony theme is exactly right for you ... if however you choose WordPress to create your website.

The concept is simple, this kind of site acts as an intermediary between sellers or providers and potential customers. A group purchasing project that allows customers to find promotional offers.

The group purchasing site allows you to find everything at reduced prices (restaurant, tips for going out, banking services, clothing, beauty products, well-being, travel, etc.) It must be said that today, everyone is looking for coupon codes to take advantage of the best deals of the moment.

You have to plan daily transactions, that's what attracts visitors every day. This concept of daily offers makes it possible to achieve a high return and conversion rate ... while allowing a good relationship between retailers and customers, it helps build relationships of trust.

How to make money with a website like slickDeals?

The coupons / offers website generates revenue through a trading system that links sellers with consumers. Thus, Retailers offer their promotional offers of (products and services), and for each consumption the site obtains a commission negotiated beforehand.

You have to plan for interesting and attractive offers, to attract your target, and guarantee return and conversion. This kind of daily offers site needs the right tools that allow you to differentiate yourself. So, to get started, your site must have a motivation for visitors to invest, including an excellent offer on a purchase of a specific amount. Sponsorship discounts and impressive offers will make your site unforgettable!

However, it is important to invest time in the management of social networks, namely: google +, LinkedIn, facebook or twitter ... have a subscription to the newsletter / mail in order to send the updates and an email which recalls the abandonment of the basket. It is important to have a Remarketing strategy, allowing you to relaunch customers who have already visited your platform.

Create your coupon website with WordPress

It is necessary to start with a market study which allows you to determine your local market, to analyze the activities of competitors and thus to think about your business idea.

Targeted domain name research is the first step to differentiate yourself. Your domain name is your digital identity, which should immediately arouse the interest of visitors. Avoid resemblance to other sites, it's important! Then think about finding web hosting to allow the smooth running of your website ... find the offer you need!

WordPress remains one of the best known CMS on the web. This allows the addition of articles, pages, text, images, videos ... You get a fully customizable website that can be very well referenced, if however all the tools are used for that.

WordPress is reliable and above all free! Several developers have looked into it, creating platforms that are ready to be installed simply. It has an incalculable number of plugins and quality themes ... So, by choosing the WPcoupony theme, you will benefit from a lot of features, which will allow you to manage your business well. Your site will be up and running quickly, allowing you to focus on your sales activity.

Get a distinguished and modern website, including a unique design. You have a quick and easy setup and an Advenced Plugins options. The site offers a payment module with the possibility of charging users the list of coupons on your site, full control over the coupons published, 3 types of coupons, display the entire coupon store, hide the coupons to click on the affiliate link, ...

With a responsive site, you also have a static system (the coupons that receives the most views) and an evaluation system, sharing opinions and controlling your communication through personalized e-mails.

You can customize and modify as you see fit, and manage your project through simple administration.
Discover all the features that can help you design your project and have the coupons / offers site that you like!

By opting for the WPCoupony theme, you benefit from all the updates that can take place with the aim of an improvement to further increase the conversion rate, and thus the income generated.

SlickDeals: Get the same system for your website with WPCoupony

The slickDeals website lists only the most reputable merchants. In this way their home page only offers offers from merchants who have a good reputation, according to user reviews. Only the best offers are displayed, according to 4 criteria: value, quality, rarity and topicality.

The number of coupon / offer sites continues to increase. To thrive, you need to differentiate yourself, and that SlickDeals has understood! Each transaction on the site is processed to be published and noted by the community. The strength remains in a good team of offer writers who examine each offer according to the price and price history of products from several merchants, in order to select the best offers likely to be published.

The relationship of trust between the community and the offer writers allows for excellent results. Thus, the website manages to sneak among the sites of the best deals on the web.

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