The ShopAtHome is a coupon website that allows you to find coupon codes and great deals for customers. The site links retailers with consumers, allowing them to offer promotional offers to potential customers.

Creating a coupon site like that of ShopAtHome is not that complicated! However, there are a few steps to follow in order to achieve the desired result. It is a profitable business, which allows to link seller and consumer, which allows you to generate money thanks to the possible consumptions carried out.

Considered a thriving business, it is recommended that you first study your market well and really believe in your project in order to invest in it! Don't start without good planning. Analyzing your market will allow you to know your next customers, negotiate and try to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

The steps to create a coupon website like ShopAtHome with WordPress:

You have to start with a keyword research related to your business idea. A coupon site must appear by its name, as is the case for ShopAtHome. Analyzing all the expressions that interest you will allow you to choose a domain name that represents you. It is a first marketing strategy. This represents the very identity of your site and what the visitor will remember to return to it.

It is very important to opt for a domain name that is easy to remember, which guarantees you a high rate of return, and therefore of conversion.

Web hosting is also important. You have to find a company that provides these kinds of services in order to rent hosting space for your website. Do not favor free hosting, which will lead you to a complex domain name, it is not recommended! Opt for a paid domain name and hosting, with a reasonable offer!

Why WordPress?

There are several software programs that offer you interesting features, but WordPress remains the best solution that allows you to create a coupon site like ShopAtHome. It is a free website creation platform.

You can be part of a large blogging community, and take advantage of various free advantages of WordPress, including translation, newsletter subscription, archiving and many more ... You will find answers to all your questions thanks to WordPress support which is great with a super interesting forum!

WordPress remains one of the best known CMS on the internet, allowing you to easily manage and add pages, text, images, videos, articles ... as much as you want. These CMS are a positive point for SEOs. The sites developed by WordPress can be very well referenced at the search engine level, if all the tools are deployed for that!

WPCoupony, the WP theme you need

The theme is an important step. There are several themes to make it easier for users ... For the creation of your coupon site, coupon codes and good plans, we offer the WPcoupony theme which was created for this kind of specific site.

With a simple, modern and fluid design ... WPcoupony allows you to have a fully responsive website, a different and clean site, a quick action with a quick and easy configuration as well as a solid panel of extended administration.

You have access to a variety of features that are ready to use, such as:

In addition to the income generated, you can bill users for the list of coupons on your site.
You have control over coupons before posting.
Coupon code (online code, used during payment), online offer (this takes the sales page), printable coupon (in store).
If you want to display your entire list of stores and categories, you can do so. This way values ​​you even more.
The static system allows you to display the coupons that receive the most views, and to know which coupons are the most popular.
You understood, the theme is fully responsive, adapting to any screen.
Benefit from an intelligent rating system ...
Sharing the appreciation of the coupon can be used by other visitors.
You have control over your communication strategy via the emails sent.
You can easily and simply modify coupons from the administration area, everything is organized on a single panel.
You benefit from an unlimited number of coupon stores ...

All the functionalities are studied and operational in order to help you manage your business well. Your coupon website will be one of a kind, with a modern look too. On the advertising side, you have several advertising spots that allow you to easily make additional income.

By opting for the full WPcoupony theme, you will be entitled to all the updates which will be scheduled for free, thus further improving the functionalities. Don't waste your time anymore, and start EARNING MONEY ONLINE! by creating your coupons / offers site.

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