is a website dedicated to e-commerce, offering coupons and "promotional offers". It is an interesting concept, making it possible to create a relationship of trust between sellers and consumers, and thus generate income thanks in particular to this consumption.

The site of group purchasing or group discounts is an excellent business, but which requires a certain project management which must imperatively be established from the start. To do this, consumers must be connected to businesses by offering attractive offers at reduced prices. We must not neglect the service side as well: restaurant, banking service, various plans for outings, ...

Create a website like

Starting a site like is a great idea to start a successful online business. Invest in a platform that will create value, including a connection between retailers and customers who will also be able to take advantage of the best coupon codes.

You have to think about diversifying with products and services in various fields. Discounts for restaurants, theater outings or any other establishment that meets customer needs would be an asset for you.

In addition to helping customers via a group purchasing site, this project creates relationships of trust between traders and consumers who can interact and even express their appreciation.

For this kind of project, it is imperative to put into practice various marketing strategies, including communication which remains very important today. Social networks should not be neglected: google +, LinkedIn, facebook or twitter, relaunching the abandonment of shopping carts, subscribing to the newsletter can help you always communicate updates and remarketing to communicate with people who have visited your coupons website.

Targeting the most customers by targeting merchants from all over is a good idea for your coupon website. To do this, you need a platform with multilingual support to attract your target.

Why a business model like

Creating a coupon website like can be very profitable, if you are aiming for a successful project. The site generates income thanks to the relationship created between seller or service provider and customer ... quite simply! for each consumption, the site earns a commission negotiated beforehand.

The trading system is very interesting. In addition to creating value, you earn money in the form of commissions.

How to do?
Wondering how to create a site like For a simple, fast, effective and inexpensive solution, follow these recommendations:

You need to start a market study to measure your chances of success. study the merchants in your region, the possible retailers who will want to participate, the target clientele ... everything related to your activity must be analyzed. Before starting your project, you need a competitive study that will help you position yourself.

After this approach, you have to think about your domain name. It should be concise and easy to remember, which immediately reminds you of your business. It's your brand image, a digital identity.

Web hosting is necessary for the functioning of your website. It is a space that you rent from a dedicated company. For your beginnings, choose a web hosting company that offers good services at reasonable prices.

This is just the solution for you! WordPress and reliable and free! if you want a platform that allows you to make daily transactions, as is the case with, WordPress is the # 1 choice.

You can join a large community of WordPress users, who can help you with free tutorials and advice on various topics. In addition, there are ready-to-use solutions, you just have to serve yourself!

4- Choosing the best WordPress theme: WPCoupony

Do not delay above, we have the theme for you: with its various features, you will not be disappointed!

To try it is to adopt it! the full theme Wpcoupony is designed for this kind of specific site. It is rich in features, which gives you the opportunity to experience the terrain as you see fit ... It is a responsive theme (flexible and adapts to any screen), customizable in all respects , with also a quick and simple configuration to allow you to quickly focus on your business, and an Advanced and fairly solid Plugin options where you can manage the global options of the theme.

While benefiting from a range of functionalities, such as:
• Several types of coupons: coupon code (online code, used when paying), online offer (this takes the sales page), printable coupon (in store).
• A coupon submission form, to always keep control before publication.
• A payment module, with in particular the possibility of charging users the list of coupons on your site, in addition to the income generated with affiliate links.
• Free display: you can display your entire list of stores and categories.
• The coupon is hidden, you have to click on the affiliate link to reveal it.
• A statistical system that allows you to determine which coupons are the most popular ...

Many more features await you if you choose Wpcoupony. The team is committed to constantly adding updates. As a result, you get these updates for free for life, taking advantage of new features and fixes.

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