RetailMeNot is an American multinational, which has based its business around coupon websites. It is headquartered in Austin, and has aimed from the start to consolidate coupon offers to make them available to consumers.

Today, a site like ReatilMeNot allows consumers to find everything they need quickly, via a group purchase. The website is focused on daily transactions: impressive offers, coupon codes and great deals!

The number of coupon sites is constantly increasing, it is not that easy, but it is nevertheless reasonable to follow a few tips in order to have the same system.

It is possible to have a daily trading site, but you must first analyze your market, in order to know where to position yourself ... determining your strengths would be an asset for you.

Why create a coupon site like RetailMeNot?

You have to keep in mind that a daily trading site is very beneficial for consumers. It is necessary to find the right offers in various fields: interesting coupons in the various products (baby, beauty, clothing, electronics, furniture, health, home and garden, jewelry, pets, photography, travel, ...). These offers will attract customers, guarantee their returns and benefit from free advertising by them via sharing in social networks.

Through a consistent relationship between retailers and consumers, the daily transaction site gains in reputation over time, which increases confidence.

A site of this kind generates income thanks in particular to customer consumption operations. It's simple, you provide a platform with all the necessary marketing tools to retailers who can offer their promotional offers (attractive offers at reduced prices). With each purchase, the site gets a commission.

How to create a website like RetailMeNot?

Do you want to start a business like RetailMeNot? There are just a few important things to consider, which can make your job easier!

Starting with market research would be wise on your part, as is the case with any other business. This study will allow you to establish your niche, analyze the needs of the market and get started according to the established competitive study. So it's easy to be the next market leader in your area, if that is what you want.

Now you have to think about creating your coupon website. The best way to create a website like RetailMeNot is to invest in a solution that gives you the same platform of daily offers, as is the case for the WordPress theme

Indeed, WordPress remains the best solution that allows you to get your website daily transactions easily, quickly and without losing a lot of money. That said, it is essential to start by finding a domain name and renting web hosting.

• The domain name is a very important step. It is your digital identity that must be well chosen. Take only what is available, and avoid any resemblance to another website. Aim for a simple and easy name for customers to remember, it's very important! Consider having URLs optimized for SEO.

• Web hosting is a second step necessary to start up your e-commerce platform.

Why the WP theme WPcoupony?

Opt for a complete theme that guarantees you all the functionality necessary to start your coupon website, thus targeting the best coupon codes and good plans on the market. WPocoupony is a theme that has been created for this kind of website, allowing you to design your project quickly and simply!

Features of our WPCOUPONY theme:

• Responsive
Wpcoupony is completely responsive. The theme adapts to all screen sizes.

• Evaluation system
You can target the right customers with a rating system

• Communication under control
You control your communications, thanks in particular to your personalized e-mails.

• Personalization, as you wish!
You can customize coupons from the administration area, benefiting from an organization in a single panel. You will have a website according to your business model and your requirements.

• Coupon stores
You can create a coupon store with no limit on the number of coupons. Suppliers will have space to manage their own environment.

• Advertising at your fingertips
You have an advertising medium, with several advertising spots, which allows you to increase your conversion rate.
Thanks to a unique design, you will have a website that combines simplicity and modernity in no time. You will also have display options, including: 8 predefined color sets, Unlimited colors, Wide / boxed layout, Coupon list settings ... with also:

• Single page coupon
• Associated coupons
• Modal Box Coupon
• Popular coupons
• Coupons by categories
• Coupons by type
• Coupons by location
• Coupons by store
• Featured coupons

For this kind of site, it is recommended to aim for social sharing, with in particular the networks: google +, LinkedIn, facebook or twitter, a remarketing strategy to relaunch those who visit your site as well as a subscription to a newsletter to send updates in time.

You have your website coupons, which perfectly meets the current needs of the web. A set of functions allows you to manage your project well, and simplify all daily transaction operations.

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