Rakuten Rewards (Ebates) is a company whose business is focused on a commission system following an online purchase in addition to coupons and coupons. The company also offers an ecosystem of online services (travel, banking, etc.). Stores pay a commission to the website for purchases made.

Are you interested in a site like Rakuten? You probably want to generate high profits, and for this we recommend that you follow the following tips.

Create a website like Rakuten / Ebates

The Rakuten Ebates site is one of the best known platforms in the world. The principle is to connect consumers to businesses, by offering offers at attractive prices. These are daily transactions, in addition to good deals and coupons for everything related to restaurants and outings, thus meeting the great needs of consumers. A grouped site, with different promo codes, where everyone finds their happiness. In addition to good deals and all promotional offers, the platform helps build relationships of trust between trade and consumers. Its role as intermediary allows it to generate its income and create value.

The creation of a coupon site like Rakuten allows you to have a consistent platform, if you wish to offer offers on your site, and above all to increase the conversion. Connecting salespeople or service providers to potential customers is a great idea, if you use the right tools for it. It should always be understood that the benefits are generated following the consumption of the promotional products or services offered on the site.

In order to get started in such an activity, you need to look at a differentiation strategy in order to capture the attention of potential consumers and different retailers. As it is not an easy task to penetrate and to differentiate, it is recommended to opt for an original solution with impeccable qualities and high level service.

The domain name: 1st differentiation strategy

Before starting its activity, it is necessary to make a market study which makes it possible to determine the merchants likely to participate with promotional offers and the various fields which can be proposed on the site.

If your market analysis is conclusive, go on to research the domain name. This step is very important, since it is considered your first brand strategy. The domain name is your identity, it must be easy to remember and type, to facilitate memorization and thus reinforce the return of consumers, which helps you to increase the conversion rate.

It is essential to do a good search for all the expressions that recall your activity, to find the appropriate domain name without copying another site, which will create unnecessary problems for you. Your first brand image is your domain name, this will allow you to create additional value.

Once your domain name has been determined, switch to hosting via a company dedicated to this, in particular with reasonable offers: remember that you are starting out, and the goal is to get started without breaking the bank!

WordPress: a simple and free solution

WP remains a simple solution to have a site like Rakuten. You will get a popular site with promotional offers for consumers, while also giving companies the opportunity to sell a large number of stocks and gain many new customers.

To have its own version of discount coupons website, there are different WordPress themes that allow this.

WPCoupony.com ... the WP theme you need!

The WPCoupony theme allows you to take advantage of different features while having a visual overview during creation. This is a complete theme created for this specific type of website, including flexibility and interesting page templates. For a surprising site, this theme allows you to design quickly, simply and efficiently. It has everything a user would need to create a professional coupon site.

WPCoupony offers you a daily transaction website, rich in functionality like that of Rakuten. This allows you to have a group purchasing website, with the possibility of browsing all the offers from different businesses (clothing, wellness products, beauty, sport, health ...) for consumers.

For the creation of your coupon site, you are offered the following options:

• Viewing coupons live, in full design.
• A responsive site: you have an adaptation to all possible screens (mobile, tablet, ...).
• Sharing on social networks: "share" button
• The option to express what you think: "like" button
• Personalization as you wish
• Setting a countdown, to create the emergency effect
• The ability to hide expiring coupons, instead of updating them.
• Put coupon images: printable and usable offline
• Different coupon templates
• Import coupons through CSV files, saving considerable time
• The coupon code can be hidden: click on the affiliate link to access it
• Just one click to copy the promo code: a fabulous advantage, right?
• Display the associated coupons (with a row of coupons under the content of your message)
• Location of associated coupons: choose the type of publication with associated coupons
• Edit the text of the associated coupons
• ...

Get a great site, just like you, using the WPCoupony WordPress theme. You benefit from various characteristics which allow you to convert at best! You can activate an archive model (3 column position, list view, compact list view, minimum list view), if you wish.

You can also modify the URL slug or adjust the width and padding of the page. The use of a shortcode is possible to print your coupons, if necessary. Choose your style by modifying, if you wish, the color level for all the attributes. You can also increase the conversion rate by taking advantage of the different options offered as a supplement.

You can display the sidebar of your site, thanks in particular to the integrated Coupon Widget, and you can also scroll through the WP Coupons Widget, while reading your messages .... and much more!

Several features are installed there allowing you to design a group purchasing site as you wish. The team is constantly adding improvements to its product, giving you all the means to design a site that thrives over time ... it's up to you!

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