is a coupon website that links consumers to different retailers and brands that offer coupons, promo codes, product offers and special offers. It is a website that presents the best deals every day to save money for its users.

The coupons site stands out with impressive management. With no less than 200,000 offers on the website, for various fields, a team of professionals is deployed to find, modify and test exceptional offers, which allows users to find only the best offers (which especially work).

Do you want to create a website like

You have to understand that this kind of website links sellers to consumers, and deploys all strategies to create relationships of trust, which allows a return and a high conversion rate.

This kind of website offers discounts on a variety of products and services in a limited time. Your site will be fully customizable, with no coding required, if however you choose WordPress to create your coupon website.

It is the best solution to have a website that represents you, with absolute control over the administration of said web, layouts, colors, fonts, ... Your coupons website will be interesting and capable to attract customers for products and services.

Now let's see together how to create your website ...

It is essential to start with the domain name and web hosting and then move on to creating your daily offers website with WordPress and choose the appropriate theme.

The first step is to find a domain name to buy ... this is the URL that users use to access your content. The choice must be related to the idea of ​​your business, and for more consistency, you must check with all the expressions relating to your project in order to find your digital brand. The domain name should be simple to remember, which will increase the chances of remembering and thus a return to your website.

Web hosting is essential for you ... all websites are hosted to load when the domain is visited. For this, you must not buy but rent space on a server from a hosting company that will meet your needs in terms of speed, reliability and price.

You may think that website creation requires developers and other professionals, you are right ... but WordPress makes your job easier with website creation, which you can do yourself any time. This solution allows you to create a site like, while benefiting from a large community of developers who earn their living by making WP products and also bloggers who share tips on use.

No coding knowledge will be necessary in the creation of your website .... but it is important now to choose a theme that will make the difference.

Why choose WPCoupony?

The WordPress theme is a design already preceded that will allow you to differentiate yourself on the internet. It should be noted that the appearance for a coupon website is important, and could change the results for you.

WPCoupony is a WP theme that was created specifically for this kind of website, giving you access to surprising features. It is an easy-to-use tool for coupon, daily offer and group purchase websites. The specialized theme allows you to transform your website into a coupon site.

Features of WPCoupony:

WPCoupony exists in free and paid version, giving you access to several options that you use for the smooth running of your web project. By using it, you will have access to additional plugin extensions to add other features that will be useful to you, while benefiting from advanced plugin options.
You benefit from a payment method, with in addition to the income generated through affiliate links, billing users the list of coupons on your site. A check on the coupons published with a coupon submission form. In addition to the types of coupons coupon code (online code, used when paying), online offer (this leads to the sales page), printable coupon (in store), the theme allows you to view the full of your from your list of stores and categories, while hiding coupons and store affiliate links and benefiting from a statistical system to track the number of daily and total views your coupons receive.

Thanks to a live demo, you have instructions on how to use this theme on your site. WPcoupony is fully responsive allowing customers to access and use your site with their phones or others.

WPcoupony is the right theme for creating a website like It will give you everything you need for a similar daily trading site. Do not hesitate to discover all the options available to you for the proper functioning of your coupon website.

You have all the "right tools" to create the website you want. Go ahead and start your project! Do not neglect good marketing: sharing and communication on social networks, offering a subscription to a newsletter, and using Remarketing to relaunch potential customers.

You get free of charge all the updates that will be made on WPcoupony, with the aim of improving it further so that you can generate more income.

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