Nowadays, it must be said that nobody buys online without first looking for a discount, a promotional code or any coupon. To do this, trying to create a site like FatWallet is a great idea, but you have to do it right from the start!

It is in fact an e-commerce platform, based on the concept of group purchasing, thus allowing different daily transactions, with in particular promotional codes offered to potential customers.

The website plays the role of intermediary between the various merchants and providers and consumers. it allows you to find everything a buyer needs in different areas: well-being-beauty-gardening ..... as well as services such as restaurants and great outings.

Why a website like FatWallet?

Creating your own group reduction website is a great way to have a successful business. That said, there are different sites of this kind of transactions on the market.

It should be noted that FatWallet had its "Coupons" section where users could find discounts from online retailers. Consumers find their happiness by taking advantage of discounts for any kind of outing (restaurant or other cultural outing), of products or services and the various retailers can put their proposals in order to make themselves known to acquire new customers.

This kind of platform also makes it possible to create a relationship between the various businesses and customers. Finding things to do, buy and consume while saving money is the first goal of this kind of site.

Create a website like FatWallet and develop your online business

This kind of business and so flourishing ... you just have to have the tools to make your business run well. The site earns money thanks to the role it plays between the various sellers and service providers and their customers. With each consumption, the website collects a percentage.

You have to think about having a quality website, with interesting offers, which builds consumer confidence. It should be noted that a customer never forgets a site where he found a group purchase with the best offers, which will give you free publicity from him as well as a physical business.

Having a site like this allows you to obtain an effective means of income, thanks to an intelligent business model: earning a commission during a purchase or consumption at a reduced price. This kind of site links the various local businesses to potential consumers, with offers at attractive prices. It offers the right marketing tools to promote any interesting offer, and thus create a direct relationship between the seller and the customer.

For the creation of this kind of website, you have to start with a good market analysis. Why that? it's simple, you have to start by studying the entire market and a competitive analysis, and then determine what represents your strengths and weaknesses in order to position yourself, according to your business idea.

If everything goes as planned, go to your domain name. It is a first step which plays the essential role of your brand image. It is necessary to start a research of key words relating to your business, in order and to move away any reconciliation of another site.

Make sure your domain name is simple to remember, easy to write, and immediately reminiscent of your business, while keeping in mind the number of SEO benefits you can take advantage of, if any. your choice meets the brand's best practices.

You have to go to web hosting, which is an important step. This gives you the space you need to run your site.

The well chosen domain name, paid web hosting ... you still have to create your website.

WordPress: the best solution for creating a website like FatWallet

Without calling on a team of experts, without paying a large sum of money and without wasting time ... Cool isn't it?

WordPress remains the most reliable, with in particular the best features to design the best of its kind. It's free for everyone, and it's not about to change, luckily for us! Also, thanks to the solutions that developers create in the field of WP, you have the possibility of benefiting from a ready-to-use solution without requiring any knowledge of coding.

WPCoupony, the WP theme to design your website

WPCoupony remains the ideal choice for creating a coupon website. It is a tool that remains easy to use, prioritizing the daily transactions of offers (products and services) and the various coupons.

This theme gives you the opportunity to get a transaction site like FatWallet. You can only specialize in one niche, if you wish.

Features of wpcoupony

You can profit from a collective purchasing business, and these characteristics allow you to have a useful website for customers who wish to browse existing offers for different goods, clothing, cosmetics, gardening, film, cinema. , going out to the restaurant ...

• An option to directly copy the promo code, just a click away
• Hide coupon code: click on the affiliate link to reveal it
• To be able to choose between the different styles of coupons
• You can import your coupons via CSV file, in a few minutes
• Add printable image coupons (printed and used offline).
• Directly supervise your coupons during design
• Set an expiration countdown
• Hide coupons that automatically expire
• Social sharing, which allows you to make yourself known
• A "like" button which allows you to express whether you like it or not
• Personalization, according to your needs
• A reactivity which makes it possible to adapt to all sizes of screens (phones, tablets, ...).

You can customize as you see fit! including display options to activate the archive model. This archiving can be done with a 3 column layout (by default), a list view, a compact list view or a minimal list view. You can adjust the page width, padding or change the coupon / URL slug. Depending on the style chosen, you can change the colors of the different attributes.

Take advantage of all the additional features giving you a high conversion rate.

Use the Coupon Widget, built-in to display on the sidebar of the site, as you can also manually set one coupon per publication to display in your sidebar.

Feel free to browse the theme to discover all that it offers as functions. The team is committed to constantly improving this product, by providing all the features that make your business run easily.

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