Creating a coupon website like is not that difficult, despite the scary aspect at first! you can have a site with the best promo codes by following the instructions given, and so get started in various areas that can be grouped together (well-being, beauties, products, ...).

The system of the site like can be realized thanks in particular to WordPress. Without the need for developers or design specialists, you can build a similar website without spending a lot of money. Calling in experts in the field can make you spend a large amount of money, which is undesirable, especially if you are just starting out! The tools are now accessible to everyone, thus creating a website in a few days with an affordable budget.

The steps to create your website

Getting a group buying site, like, with coupon codes is possible with an easy-to-design design, replicating only with WordPress. Personalization will certainly make the difference, with in particular fonts, colors and layouts as well as additional modules for a tailor-made design, during the development of this site.

To design an attractive coupons website, you must start by choosing the right domain name for the desired business, which will be your first marketing strategy. The domain name or URL that users use to access your site can be easily purchased.

The choice requires a good search with the keywords relating to the activity sector, to avoid any similarity with other websites. It is however necessary to pay attention to the difficulty of this domain name to type it correctly and that it is especially easy to remember (importance of the spelling or non memorable sounds), while thinking about its brand image and the advantages at the SEO level.

Do not hesitate to stand out thanks to a brand image: a unique and easy domain name will make you obtain this advantage, thus benefiting from an additional value, as is the case for the site.

Hosting is a necessary step for the creation of the site. Your website must be hosted to load when the domain is visited. You need space rented on a server from a hosting company. To begin with, it is best to choose a company that offers good services at affordable prices.

Develop your website with WordPress

The third step is to create your coupon site using WordPress. It is a simple, fast and inexpensive solution. By choosing this, you will have a speed of installation and a simplicity with in particular a CMS which allows you to add articles, pages, text, images, videos ... you also have a multiple choice of themes and plugins.

Lots of bloggers and developers have looked into Worprdess, which gives you access to a community where to find useful tutorials and tips online for all topics. This solution does not require any coding skills. You can simply use an already ready interface and drag and drop menus to create your site.

WPCoupony, the wordpress theme you need

The choice of theme is very important. For this it is recommended to choose a complete theme, as is the case for This WP theme allows you to create a coupon site simply, without wasting time, thanks in particular to all the features it offers.

Efficiency, simplicity and speed ... this theme is simply oriented "optimization", with the best WordPress Coupon plugin.

You benefit from the following characteristics:

Copy the code

Each user can just copy the promo code by simply clicking

Several template coupons
You have the possibility to choose between different models of coupons
Adding image coupons
You can add printable image coupons for offline use
Hide coupon code
You have the option of hiding the coupon code. Users must click on the affiliate link to view the code.
Hide expired coupons
Hiding expiring coupons is possible.
Import coupons
You can import coupons via CSV files quickly.
Preview during creation
You are entitled to a preview of live coupons during development
An expiration countdown is possible.
Like button and share button
Add a way of social sharing in the coupons, as well as a way to express what we think about it.
Customizable and Responsive

Personalization is possible, according to your needs. You are entitled to responsive models that adapt to all screen sizes.

The full theme is perfect for creating a coupon and promotional site. New features are constantly added with WP Coupons plugins to encourage more conversion.

You have the display option to activate an archive model, which can be modified in terms of page width, padding or even the definition of your URL. You have shortcodes to be able to print the coupon, if necessary.

Archive models:
• 3 column layout, by default
• list view
• compact list view
• minimum list view

To activate the coupon archive model, it is necessary to check this box. This allows an automatic archive, which you can deactivate and use the short code to print the archive of coupons inside.

Single Coupon: Models and Display Options

You can opt for the activation of the unique coupon, allowing you to have unique coupon messages displayed through the customizable template. Disabling this option will allow you to benefit from the theme's default publication model.

There is the publication template (displayed by default) and the page template. You have three coupon panel positions: top, right (default) and left.

Displaying a single model image, if checked, displays a selected image on the single coupons panel.
The title of a single model can be hidden. If this option is checked, this will be used if you do not want to display content on your coupon messages. You can change the slug for the coupon archive URL, as well as for unique coupon URLs.

Navigation style
Vertical, Drop-down list or Horizontal (default option). You can change the style options, using color preferences for all attributes.

Several features are found in this theme allowing you to take advantage of an excellent product in order to design an effective site, which lasts over time. The team is always present for a possible improvement, making you benefit from all the possible new functionalities ... Don't hesitate any more, get started!

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