Amazon is one of the best known platforms in the world. It is a giant e-commerce company that brings together everything a buyer needs, with the best coupon codes.

It is a website that allows you to live a unique experience to find all the good plans that may exist: beauty, well-being, various products, travel, ... Thanks to the Amazon Discount Coupons, customers benefit saving. The site links sellers to customers who can benefit from group purchasing.

How to create a website similar to Amazon's coupon system?

It is possible to design the same system without calling on a team of developers or experts in the field. Indeed, it is easy to reproduce the same thing with only WordPress.

Several advantages are available to you: You can use a simple version, as you can design your site to your liking. Your site will be editable and fully customizable (font, color, layouts, ...). Get, without wasting time, a website with coupons for goods and services that will grab people's attention and get back quickly.

What are the steps to create a coupon website like Amazon?

It is easier to start with the domain name and get hosting for the site and then get interested in design by installing wordpress and a theme.

To start, you must therefore choose the appropriate domain name. This is important since it will represent your brand and identity. The domain name is a digital address which must play an important role in your brand image. So try to do it this way:
• Do a thorough search for all the keywords that relate to your business
• Avoid any resemblance to the name of another website
• Choose only an available domain name ... don't play with it!
• Choose a domain name that is simple and easy to type: customers can remember everything that is simple.
• Play on a domain name that truly represents your business, keeping in mind all the advantages that good SEO can bring.

Web hosting is essential too; therefore, it is recommended to choose a host that will meet your needs for speed and security, always at reasonable prices.

WordPress is the best way to design a coupon site like Amazon. It remains accessible to everyone with solutions designed by developers who are ready to use for any type of site you choose.

Users benefit from a simple and useful interface, especially without coding. Take advantage of the proposed solution for your coupon site. This remains reliable and above all free, allowing you to benefit from a large network of users who can share with you all the good advice on various subjects.

It's the best choice for a site like Amazon. WordPress allows you to create a great coupon site, whether niche or general multilevel.

WPCoupony: Opt for "The theme" that will make the difference ...

The wordpress theme is a great way to showcase your products. You can launch your tailor-made marketplace. There are several WP themes that are recommended on the market, including where various features are installed there to create a ready to use coupon site.

A WPCoupony theme has the functionality necessary to differentiate itself in a competitive market.

You understand! will allow you to get a site like Amazon with everything you need. The theme has the functionality to convert more. Thus, the theme is delivered with display options, allowing to activate 4 archive models (a 3 column layout, list view, compact list view or minimal list view).

You will get powerful coupons thanks to the following features:
• Just one click to copy the promo code
• Hide coupon code
• Several styles of coupon models: 7 models
• Import of coupons from CSV file, without wasting time.
• Image coupons that can be printed, for offline use.
• Live preview, to supervise your work at the same time.
• A coupon expiration countdown
• Hide expiring coupons
• A social connection
• Responsiveness: the models are responsive with adaptation to screens of different sizes.

Do not hesitate to discover all the functions of this theme to create a site like Amazon and start your Business. Several additional features are installed there to allow you to have a very effective coupon site.

It is important to know that a daily trading site like Amazon must have offers from:
• Discount on a purchase of a specific amount.
• Discounts for new customers
• Sponsorship discounts
• Impressive and attractive offers that will make your site an unforgettable brand!

However, you have to think of all the sharing networks: google +, LinkedIn, facebook or twitter so as not to neglect this marketing strategy. Also, you have to think about subscribing to the newsletter / email so that any new offer or update is sent to potential customers, without forgetting the email reminder of the abandonment of the basket.

Having a platform with multilingual support is a great way to attract sellers and consumers from anywhere. A good remarketing strategy is also important, it allows you to revive customers who have already visited your website.

Put the odds on your side by choosing the most effective ways to design a different and attractive coupon website. Having a coupon website like Amazon will allow you to generate long-term income, notably through daily transactions and commissions received for any consumption.

Your website will create value. Customers will find everything they want thanks to the grouping of all sellers and service providers. Your brand will gain notoriety over time.

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